FAQ, Process and what to Expect

1. The question I get asked most often is, “what should i/we wear?”

My pinterest board has a number of ideas. click here or copy and paste this link https://www.pinterest.com/joellerobert/photo-session-thought-starters/ and you will see many examples of not only outfits, but ideas for directing and locations for your photo session. Outfits should compliment your skin tone and figure. Be careful of clothing selections that cling to the body and/or show undergarments. Combine solids with patterns as mixing too many patterns may compete with each other, thus making the image look to busy. Layers are great for concealing and adding interest. Finally….accessorize! Hats, scarves, glasses, jewelry, props all add interest to your overall image.

2. Do you have a studio? Where will the photo session take place?

I do not have an official studio, although I may work out of my home, my photo sessions are almost exclusively shot on location at various places in the bay area. I am always open to new ideas, discoveries and properties that my clients are privy to, I may even come to your home.

3. What is a basic edit vs. a fully edited image or gallery? Will you ever offer or sell images applied only with a basic edit? Can I request more images to be edited fully if I purchase a Basic or Plus package?

A basic edit is an image that has only been processed in the raw format with adjustments to exposure, lighting, white balance, hue, contrast and if necessary, minimal cropping. These images are then processed to a jpeg file. A fully edited image includes the above but takes the processing further and includes additional edits to exposure, contrast, distracting elements in the photo, facial/body touch ups, color cast correction and other artistic processing techniques. It requires much more time than a basic edit. The final image is at the artistic expression of JoelleRobert Photography.  I now offer images that have only been applied with a basic edit, however, RAW images will never be for sale. Of course I would be happy to edit more photos if purchasing a Basic package. My rate is $75.00/hr for additional editing.

4. Why are there different packages? Is a deposit required?

Over the past year my business has grown (that’s a great thing!) but work flow process remained the same. I was spending an additional 10-20 hours editing images for one photo session, in order to accommodate more clients I needed to change my workflow process.  You are paying for a service and my time to edit photos. A 50% non refundable deposit is now required to hold a session date.

5. What is an online gallery? Why don’t you offer print packages? Do you order client prints? 

The online gallery is basically an online album where you can both proof, view and purchase prints, canvas etc. from your photo session. The basic and plus packages include both an online gallery of images that were applied with a basic edit and final gallery with the full edits. I now offer downloads of your basic and final image galleries. I do not offer print packages as my print pricing is already heavily discounted but you can order  prints a la carte straight from your online gallery.

6. What is a high res image? Do you sell discs or thumb drives?

A high res image is really just a high resolution digital image, aka a jpeg file. I shoot and process at a high resolution so your photos are better quality for print.  Since I switched to downloads of your image galleries, if requested I only offer custom DVDs or thumb drives for $80.00 + tax.

7. How long will it take to see my images? How long will the gallery be online? Do you offer file sharing downloads?

It typically takes me 1-2 weeks to fully edit a photo portrait session and 4-6 weeks for a wedding. If ordering the basic or plus packages then only a few days. I will leave your gallery up for 3 months. If you need it reinstated there will be a $50.00 fee.

8. What is a luster print versus a glossy? Can I see samples?

Luster prints are more of the matte finishes we are used to seeing. They are beautiful and my favorite. I set up an online proofing and purchasing gallery so you can visit your images any time within three months, however, yes you can come to my home and view samples but I charge $75.00 per hour for consultations.

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